Heroes of Chronar offers its players tons of flexibility and freedom in decision-making when it comes to earnings.
There is one native ERC-20 token – $HOC – and several NFT currencies – Chronar, Terminum, and AKUA – circulating in the game that take part in its economy, trading, and gameplay operations.

Heroes of Chronar native token ($HOC)

$HOC is a native ERC20 token of Heroes of Chronar world with a limited mintage of 100,000,000 units. It is a currency primarily used to develop heroes and artifacts, participate in fights at the Arena and Guild wars. $HOC is stake-able, which means that players who hold their $HOC on retention receive Chronar in exchange for that — the longer the retention the greater the reward.
Total supply

100 000 000

Total supply at sale

40 000 000

Total founding rounds

$ 3 460 000

Market making funds

$ 540 000

Development/Initial marketing funds

$ 2 920 000

Liquidity market cap

$ 300 000

Initial market cap

$ 232 800

Initial market cap + liquidity

$ 532 800

Fully diluted MC (launch price)

$ 12 000 000

Enhance your Heroes to the next level!

Buy XP Dummies, Tomes, and other equipment for $HOC to level up your NFT Heroes and increase their value.

A truly rewarding experience

Possessing an AKUA token earns you 5% of each $HOC transaction to your wallet.

Stay safe and secure your assets!

Transforming your assets into NFTs via $HOC enables true ownership. You are the master of your game!

Chronar Token (CHRO)

It is a non-regulated NFT token that allows you to contribute to the game development and its economy. Chronar owners jointly decide on the amount of the entry fee into Arena/Guild Wars and the reward distribution profile. Chronar is granted as reward to players staking $HOC. Depending on the chosen period of retention, the player receives a Chronar token of one out of three classes: silver, gold or platinum.
Total number of tokens

100 000

Token standard


Number of Tokens for Sale

100 000

Initial token price

1 CHRO = 40 USDC

Minimal Transaction

1 Token

Maximal Transaction

1 Token

Entry fees

Choose the amount of $HOC that allows participation in battles.

Choose the rewards
and their values

You decide what treasures the winners get!

Reward the winners

Participate in prize distribution.


Have you ever dreamed of becoming a landowner?

Terminum is the token that can make it possible! It allows you to organize individual battles for players, recruit opponents, fund prizes, and collect entry fees.

If you are a member of any guild associated with Heroes of Chronar, our special Land NFT Terminum is perfect for you. The more people, the stronger the battles!

With Terminum, you can select any Hex where you want to arrange a fight and hold Rift battles of your own. Although Terminum does not give you indefinite ownership of a field on the map, it allows you to arrange your games on a given Hex for a few days. After your competition ends, your token will remain inactive for some time (a cooldown period), and someone else will be able to use the map.

Why do we lease Hexes instead of selling them?

This way, we provide turnover and diversity. Thus, you will never get bored, and there will always be new and exciting spots on the map!
Total number of tokens


Token standard


Number of Tokens for Sale



AKUA is a new type of NFT economy mechanic that rewards players and investors for their in-game activities.

Any player joining the game via referral is represented by an AKUA token that contains information about the player and their actions in the game.

How is it used?
  • In the case of a referred player’s monetary activity, 25% of their spending is paid to the AKUA owner.
  • An additional 10% of the value of any rewards received by the AKUA player is credited to the AKUA owner.
  • When AKUA players use $HOC to develop Heroes or Artifacts, 25% of the fee from these transactions is paid to the AKUA token owner.

As you can see, AKUA provides many enticing features that make the tokenomics of the game even more complex and exciting!
Total number of tokens


Token standard


Number of Tokens for Sale

100%, tokens are free